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The Benefits of Beer

Are there good reasons to drink beer or keep a six-pack in the house? Yes, it seems there are health benefits to drinking a select number of alcoholic beverages. Apart from wine, beer is a healthier alternative to hard liquor. A robustly healthy person around 30 to 40 years old who drinks a bottle of beer each day may be on the right track. No less than the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics itself has expounded on the health benefits of beer.

Nutrition consultant Karen Ansel has written about the beneficial practice of light to moderate beer drinking. Beer is a good source of fiber and B vitamins. It can decrease health risks, such as strokes and kidney stones. Unlike wine, beer is made from fermenting hops, which has compounds that slow down the release of calcium from the bone. Moreover, its alcohol content of 5% is less than the 7% alcohol per volume of wine. Like wine, beer can also protect one’s heart from breaking down by increasing levels of good HDL cholesterol in the blood.

Previously, a research study at Texas Southwestern Medical Center in May 1999 reported that “those who consume moderate amounts of beer (one to two a day at the most) have a 30-40% lower rate of coronary heart disease compared to those who don’t drink.”

Why is this so? Well, beer has the same amounts of polyphenols – a group of antioxidants – found in red wine. It also has 4 to 5 times as many polyphenols as in white wine. In addition, beer also contains Vitamin B6, which prevents the build-up of an amino acid called homocysteine that has been linked to cardiovascular diseases. Its diuretic effect that makes people urinate more frequently is also its strength because beer is mostly made of water. It becomes a friendly ally to cleaning out toxins and residue from the kidneys and bladder.

Of course, the benefits of beer don’t end with just drinking the beverage. It seems it’s also a good ingredient in making a homemade hair conditioner. You can save on hair vitamins and conditioning products when beer is mixed with egg white to create a thickened paste. Apply on hair strands after showering to soften and moisturize your hair and scalp. You can apply it before going to bed, but make sure you wash away the mixture completely with a mild cleansing shampoo.

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