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Computer Projectors, A New Tool For Your Business

Computer projectors are the latest devices at corporate meetings and presentations. These latest digital devices have replaced the old overhead projectors which were familiar. Still some old teachers may favor the OHPs but the modern CEOs who want to present their ideas more clearly and strongly have no second thought in choosing the projectors for their purpose.

The quality of images presented by the projectors and their user friendliness has made the computer projectors popular. They made it possible for anyone with presentation software like PowerPoint and a laptop can give a professional presentation in minutes. Of course you need clean, blank wall in addition. This made every one to switch from OHPs to computer projectors in the last few years.

Your conference room settings will decide the projector you need. If you have a bright room, go for a bright lamp. ANSI lumens are units used to measure the brightness of a lamp. A 300lumen lamp is good for dark rooms; but if your viewers need to take notes then you should have a minimum of 500lumens.

Portability and resolution are the other factors to be taken into account. The number of pixels displayed is referred by the resolution. Like most things, the higher the number, the greater the resolution. 1024 x 768 is the latest standard suitable for many situations. The weight of the computer projector decides its portability. There are projectors from 8 lbs to 60 lbs. If you need to move your projector along with your laptop then choose a projector which weighs less than 15 lbs.