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How To Welcome The New Year

People in different parts of the globe have been following customs and traditions as part of celebrating life’s events. New Year is recognized by everyone as it marks the beginning of another cycle. Most people take a break from work. Others have to endure business overtime because more people are flocking in to markets and food stalls to buy food and other items they need to prepare for the coming year.
The customs below may be different from how you observe your traditions. Everyone has their unique way of expressing their beliefs. The purpose is to have fun, enjoy and honor the event to add meaning to life.

Wear Polka Dots. Dots symbolize money. The more dots, the better.

Jump at 12 o’ Clock Midnight. Young children are encouraged to jump when the clock strikes midnight to mean that they will grow taller for the coming year. Adults jump to symbolize growing in aspects of life that they can still improve.

Shake coins in your pockets or wallet. Make sure your pockets do not have holes and that they do not fall out of your wallet or pockets because that would mean you will lose money instead of gaining more. Shaking your money is a symbol of inviting more money or income to come.

Making noise such as blowing horns or fireworks. Since the olden times, people believe in the importance of driving away evil spirits. They perform dances and play loud music to disturb the evil forces and force them out of the house or village.

Prepare a bowl full of rice with coins on top and a red envelope filled with money. This preparation represents having abundant food supply and good flow of income to survive the whole year through.

Prepare 13 round fruits. Round means eternal, continuous and productive. The fruits represent rejuvenation and nourishment to stay healthy the whole year round. They also represent a fruitful year. The number 13 symbolizes having enough for the 12 months of the year and more blessings to ensure sustenance and good quality of living for the entire year.

Cut the hair and nails. This symbolizes cutting all misfortunes. It also symbolizes cleansing of all the negative luck associated or attached to you. Wearing a new look also means renewal of one’s life to become better.

Open and serve wine or champagne. Wine symbolizes abundance and prosperity. This is why it is usually given as a gift for special occasions like weddings, grand opening of a business or New Year.

Keep the lights on. The whole house should be illuminated, and drawers and cabinets should be at least slightly opened to drive away bad spirits and draw in good luck that will be brought by the coming year.

Do not sleep over the arrival of New Year. This means that you will be lazy for the whole year.

No matter where you are, greet the New Year with a positive spirit. It is the attitude that matters most when handling life’s situations. Traditions are neither foolish as some think they are, nor should they be relied upon to answer life’s realities. They add fun and meaning to the celebration. They are meant to remind us of the important concepts of life. Among these concepts include happiness, hard work, prosperity, the value of rest, prioritizing needs over wants, the importance of good over evil, keeping a positive outlook in life and gratefulness for one’s blessings.

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