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How to Take Good Care of Your Eyes

It is a classic saying that the eyes are the windows to your soul. You will notice if a person is tired just by the look in their eyes. You will even have a hint if they are delighted with your offer or contemplating what you are saying by the way their eyes spark or focus on you. You can tell if a person is sad even if they try to cover it up with a smile.

The eyes are silent and strong communicators. The eyes may also show signs of an underlying disease. Almost all activities are greatly facilitated by the sense of sight. So, how do you take good care of your eyes?

Have a good sleep.

Tired eyes usually result from poor quality of sleep. The eyes should be able to rest after being active for a whole day. A tired mind has a harder time focusing. The coordination between senses adds stress to the already tired system.

Avoid staring at monitors for too long.

Staring at the monitor such as your computer monitor or TV for too long without rest can lead to dry eyes. This activity prevents the eye from blinking as it regularly does, thus causing the eyes to be more exposed and dry. Dry eyes can lead to headache and irritability. Eye drops for dry eyes include artificial tears like hypromellose.

It can also be observed that kids who start spending most of their time on computers get prescription glasses at a much earlier age. There should be a rest period for the eyes usually after 45 minutes to an hour of continuous staring at the monitor especially when playing fast-action games. The quick turns, abrupt angles and explosive colors greatly affect the vision. Also, refrain from scratching or rubbing the eyes. This will cause further irritation and may even cause internal eye damage.

Read with proper lighting.

People who have been exposed to reading and working with improper lighting usually suffer from damaged retina. The retina is the part of the eye that controls light. Dim light or dark surrounding causes the eyes to strain while reading. Read using white light with a good reading distance, not red or warm or colored lights. Do not stare directly into the light source.

Eat food that are good for the eyes.

Food that are rich in vitamin A, lutein and beta-carotene are good for the eyes. These can be taken from natural food like carrots, squash, horseradish or malunggay and papaya.

Drink green tea.

This tea is rich in antioxidants. It also promotes good blood circulation. When your eyes are tired and dry, you can try cupping your tired eye above a half-filled steaming glass of tea for the steam to moisturize your eye. Make sure there is good distance between the tea water and your eyes. The warmth of the steam will relax your eyes and you will feel your eyes loosen up.

You can also save the used tea leaves or tea bag. When it cools, you can place it over your eyes to manage dark circles surrounding your eyes called eye bags. You can also try using other kinds of tea for this.

Use cucumber to lighten dark circles around your eyes.

Cucumber is naturally good for the skin, but it is also quite known to be good for the eyes. You might probably know this already. Put a round slice of cucumber on each eye when you go to sleep to help manage eye bags.

Do not read on a moving vehicle.

Moving vehicles strain your eyes from trying to focus on the object you are reading. This does not only pertain to books but also your gadgets like laptops, notebooks, tablets and cellphones. Also, your eyes strain from the passing objects on your peripheral view.

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