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How to Make Money Last Longer

Money will only go two ways: spending or saving. The first one can be done even without much effort. There is an invisible list of things you want to have and if you follow them in reality, money can fly in a wink of an eye. Making money lasts longer has got a lot to do with control and practicality. When it is there, the temptation is not without an attempt.

Keep it in the bank. If you don’t have a bank account yet, open one. Choose a stable bank. This is ideal especially when you have a hard time resisting spending when you have money in your hands. If you are receiving allowances from your parents, you will be able to save a portion for sure. Budget your extracurricular [non-school] expenses. Saving while you are not yet working will help you a lot later when you are on your own.

If you are already working and your salary is deposited directly to your bank account issued by the company, control the amount of money you withdraw. Most likely, you already have an idea how much you need to pay for your monthly maintenance fees such as rent and utility bills. Compute them based on your average usage from your bills history and allot some allowance for differences in monthly usage.

Budget. The budgeting comes in with your lifestyle expenses. Where do you dine? How much do you shop for clothes? How much do you spend on night outs with friends? Where do you frantically spend your money? What costs too much?

Choose wisely. Brands make a lot of difference when it comes to saving. The more info

same product may cost a lot less when offered by another maker. Do not be deceived that products with more expensive tags are better. Some brands are even made by the same manufacturer. It is really just the branding and packaging such as the box or wrapper that make them seem different. Budgeting calls for wise choice. Weigh your options before you buy.

Be practical. One of the best ways to get the value for your money is through practicality. Is it wise to buy a can of milk that is more expensive than another brand that offers the same amount and the same nutritional content? This expensive brand may costs more because of its advertisements. That is usually one of the factors that affect prices of commodities, not really the quality itself.

Save on meals. You can enjoy food from a cheaper restaurant that offers quality and clean food the same way that expensive restaurants can. If you can bring packed lunch to work, do so. Buy a food container that can preserve heat long enough to last till lunch. You will even be more assured that the food is really well-prepared. Honestly speaking, you cannot expect everyone working in dining places to observe sanitary procedures. Many among them do not.

Save on transportation. Do you ride a cab every time you go to work? Do you drive your own car? How far is your working place? If it is just a walking distance, walk. It is even healthy for you. If riding the bus is cheaper than spending on your own gas or paying the cab, take the cheaper alternative. You are saving money while saving the environment as well.

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