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How To Make Healthy Resolutions Last The Whole Year Through

Most people consider making resolutions for the New Year. Among the top on the list are keeping a healthy diet and maintaining daily exercises. But, it is also a fact that, these two are among those that are hardly followed or accomplished. With daily temptations and sumptuous banquets for the numerous occasions within the year, almost anyone could be challenged to stick to these resolutions.

How can you really keep up with the challenges of keeping a healthy lifestyle?

1. Know your schedule at work or in school. This is to avoid conflicts with your exercise activities and to avoid making it a reason later on for you to be unable to pursue your resolutions. Allot some of your free time to your exercises. See to it that you don’t skip meals.

2. Be flexible. If you have unexpected appointments or frequent travels, you can still do your exercises if you really want to. You can do stretches and simple steps when you wake up. You can exercise before bedtime. Moderate exercise induces good sleep. If you have broken time for your shift, you can do devote it to your exercise. You can always check out the healthy diet on the menu.

3. Share and invite. Share your plans with your family and friends. If you can invite them to join you, it will be better. Sharing an activity will help avoid getting bored with it. Doing an activity together may also create a healthy competition that will encourage you to do better and achieve better results. You may even turn your exercise time into bonding time with friends and family. At home, you may even turn yourself into a good influence by setting your diet as an example for the family to follow.

4. Make variations. Do not prepare the same dish every day. If you eat only wheat bread three meals a day and the same fish prepared using one recipe, chances are you will really get sick of your diet not for long. Prepare different kinds of dishes and always look for alternatives to make your diet as variable as possible. You still need to enjoy eating while you are keeping your healthy resolution. Diet is most effective when enjoyed and well-received not just by the body but your mind as well. Being healthy is having a complete sense of well-being.

Create different exercises. You can switch between different sports on alternate days. For example, you can do brisk walking on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. You can bike on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Then, you can go swimming on weekends.

5. Avoid frustration and too much expectation. Do not check the weighing scale every single day. You might feel frustrated to see that you have hardly moved a line on the scale. The results will be more appreciated if you check it weekly. Don’t expect changes to happen too fast. Give your body time to adjust and to respond to your regimen.

Pressure also affects the efficiency of the body’s normal activities. Stress affects body circulation, sleep, appetite, mood and metabolism among other functions. Practice patience while you work out your healthy lifestyle. You need to keep a positive attitude to get you going with your resolutions. No one can motivate you more than you can for yourself.

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