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Gadget Etiquette

When we were kids, we have been taught one of the basic and most important rules- the GMRC or Good Manners and Right Conduct. Proper etiquette plays a significant role on how we carry ourselves in any occasion whether personal, social or professional.

1. Use of cellphone inside the movie house. Everybody [assuming] knows that cellphones should be ideally turned off or put to silent mode when inside the theater or movie house. This is to respect other people who are watching with you and as respect for yourself. Your purpose is to be entertained and to relax. Other people who are inside are there for the same reason. To relax is to get your mind off the worries of the world outside those walls. An hour or two of peace matters a lot if not to you or to all, at least to some.

To put your phone in silent mode does not mean or encourage you to use it in silent mode while inside. This is only to allow your messages and calls to continue being received and to be attended later on [that is, after the movie]. The bright light from your cellular phone distracts and irritates your seatmate or the person behind you.

2. A person’s cellular phone is personal. Even tablets and computers owned personally are personal. This is one of the major reasons behind passwords. Still, some people don’t use screen locks or passwords on their cellphones for easier and faster resume and to avoid their SIM from being blocked because they have forgotten their password.

As courtesy, finding your family member or boyfriend or girlfriend’s cellular phone unattended on the table is not a good enough reason for you to start going through their private messages and the rest of the content. You may be discovering a lot, but you may also be losing a big deal. You will lose their trust.

You may think they will not find out, but people are sensitive about their private possessions. They will know or they will “feel” when someone has crossed their territory without permission. You may even be caught in a test.

If you want to find out about something that is affecting your relationship, talk to the person directly. Ask them to explain, and if needed, to convince you of the truth. Going through someone’s [no matter how close] things stealthily is same as stealing. Being honest and frank are better solutions to a problem than being caught red-handed or doing something that will only worsen your suspicions and worries and deepen the misunderstanding.

3. On the dining table. Texting or talking over the phone while eating your meal especially with other people on the table is really a bad manner. Not only will they be irritated with you, it is also not good for you. Do you have an eating disorder? How will you appreciate the food if your mind is busy processing something else? How will you be able to digest the food well if you can hardly chew it properly because your mouth is busy chattering words instead of enjoying the course?

Unwanted or unnecessary noise on the dinner table makes people lose appetite. Be considerate. If you are not aware or if you simply care less about this, most people still do. If you can’t avoid it, just excuse yourself from the table. But if you want to enjoy your meal with people who are really present, let the phone rest while you eat.

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