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Cheap travel insurance for backpackers

Backpackers have already introduced a whole new way for doing tourism. Before backpackers started traveling around the world, it was the expensive and luxury tourism existed and not many people could afford it. Backpacking came in to the spotlight around mid sixties and it is largely practices nowadays. In this article, we discuss cheap travel insurance for backpackers as this is one of the main issues in the community of backpackers. okay

urban backpacking

urban backpacking

Before identifying the need for cheap travel insurance, we need to understand the nature of backpackers. Backpacking is the method of tourism with minimum luggage. Almost all of the cases they carry everything in their backpack. This includes the cloths, food, cheap and light weight electronic devices etc. These travelers and more independent travelers and you will find maximum 2-3 travelers per group. Backpackers usually travel in public transportation, use low cost airlines, and eat from roadside food stalls. The main objective of a backpacker is to minimize the cost and travel to many destinations.

When it comes to travel insurance, obviously backpackers cannot afford high premiums. Low cost is one of their ‘mantras’ and this is also valid when a travel insurance is obtained. Therefore, the insurance companies need to minimize the premium by introducing many restrictions in the policy. An important thing is that backpackers get themselves exposed to many risks along their journey and insurance companies know this. The environments and conditions that the backpackers will face differ from country to country and the insurance policy and the premium may differ based of the destinations that the backpacker intended to travel. As an example, if you travel to Afghanistan, then your insurance premium and the conditions maybe very different from if you travel to Australia.

There are a few guidelines layout by the insurance companies if you want to get a backpacker travel insurance. Imagine you were diabetic and willing to travel as a backpacker. Then, you will not be covered for the conditions that may cause by your illness, but you can get a cover for other things such as robbery, injury etc. Then you are not covered for deliberately putting yourself in danger. Yes this is quite true for any kind of insurance but for backpackers, this is quite critical. This is mainly due to the fact that backpackers face many dangers in their journeys. As an example, chasing a leopard while drunk is not covered in backpacker insurance policies.

Claims that involve drugs and alcohol are not covered in the insurance as well as HIV and other STDs. If you get injured by performing an illegal activity, it is also not covered by the backpacker insurance.

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2 Responses to Cheap travel insurance for backpackers

  1. Frank Spiele says:

    Definately a good idea. I´ve been backpacking myself and ended up paying a fortune for my insurance. If I had gone again, I don´t think I would have bothered with insurance…. I would have just taken my chances!! But now that there is cheaper insurance.. I definately think it´ll persuade backpackers to take out insurance in the first place and will increase the appeal of taking all of your belongings with you when you go.


  2. Sally Treue says:

    Well, Backpaging is indeed the ost dangerous way to travel. The main issue i think is not being robbed, especially travelling in poor countries.
    Also, the lowcost conditions also expose one to many risks. Eating bad food can take you to hospital.
    Also, western tourists in some countries are being targeted by gangster, for robberies, rape or kidnapping. I think that backpaging isn´t a good way to travel!!!!

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